To tell you how many grafts are required and the cost in your case, we would like to see the pictures of your head from
1). Front
2). Back
3). Sides

Dr Gawri will see your pictures and access the type of your hair and the density at the donor site. He will also advice what pattern of new hairline will be best suited for your face

We will revert to within 12 hours, when you email us with your pictures.

After Dr. Gawri review your pictures, there will be a telephonic discussion with our senior counsellors to discuss all important points specific to your case. You can call us at 80548-02500 and Email us at

You can fill the columns below and submit your query

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    As Whatsapp is prevelant these days, you can also send us your name, age, place you belong and your picture through Whatsapp at +91-80548-02500