Kyra Hair Transplant

Kyra Aesthetic Clinic is among the Top Hair Transplant clinics in India and is awarded as "India’s Most Trusted Aesthetic Clinic". It is a busy clinic situated in a posh locality of Ludhiana. The Kyra clinic has State of Art Infrastructure, latest Medical Equipment and almost Zero Infection Rate. There is a team of expert doctors, professional counsellors, helping reception staff and a travel desk. Our clients are assisted at every step to achieve their desired results in Hair Transplant and Non-Surgical procedures.

Our chief hair transplant surgeon is Dr Vikas Gawri , a board certified Plastic Surgeon. He has an exhaustive experience of 15 + years having done 4000+ successful Hair Transplant sessions. He constantly participates in national and international conferences and trainings. He has been awarded "India’s Most Admired Cosmetic Surgeon". His philosophy is to give "a Sincere Advice" to all his clients and believes in "Dense Packing" and "Natural Look" Hair transplant. He is known for his clientele from bollywood and glamour industry.

Kyra Clinic is famous to do

  • Mega Sessions (implanting up to 5500 follicles ,over 2 days),
  • Redo cases (previous hair transplant done elsewhere with low result),
  • Body Hair Transplant (harvesting graft from other areas than scalp as from beard ,chest ,pubic area etc.)


This is our philosphy that we are NOT ONLY doing your hair transplant at present, but we will cater to all your needs regarding hair loss in future also. You will be a part of Kyra family and can revisit us or follow up with us anytime you need. As Hair Loss is an "on-going process", we are committed to serve you in future also.
Every case is different and we sometimes advise our clients to use Hair Solutions and Medicines to safeguard their existing hair.

Few of our Salient Features are as under:

  • Our Transection Rate is less than 3%- That means there is minimal wastage of your precious donor hair, while harvesting grafts from donor site.
  • Hairline Designing – Dr Vikas Gawri is a Plastic Surgeon and is known for his Aesthetic Touch. He advocates High Density and Natural Looking ZigZag hairline.
  • Team of Ethical Doctors Our doctors are highly Professional , Expert and Dedicated. They are committed to give the Best Result in each case.
  • Grafts given by Counting We have special counting techniques to count every single follicle. We assure that all our clients should pay as per the number of follicular units implanted.
  • Minimum Out-of-Body-time for harvested grafts – At Kyra clinic, we assure to transplant the freshly harvested grafts within 3 hours. This assures almost full survival of the microscopic grafts.
  • Special Holding Solution for Graft Storage- freshly harvested grafts are kept in glass petri dishes containing special holding solutions that increases the graft survival.
    Strict low temperature is maintained by keeping these grafts in special chamber.
  • "DENSE PACKING" Hair Transplant It means the grafts are implanted very close together to achieve a maximum density possible. This is done with micro instruments and under high magnification.

SEND US YOUR PICTURES from front , sides and back by whatsapp at +9180548-02500 (Dr Rajni) or 81466-66880 (Dr Shareen) or by an email us at [email protected]
Our team of doctors will assess your pictures and we will advise the Number of Grafts required and the Cost in your case.

Team of Doctors

At kyra, our doctors are both Experienced and Passionate.

Dr. Vikas Gawri

Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Rajni

Skin Expert

Dr. Shareen

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Gurdas


Technique We Use

When you take Technology and mix it with Expereince, you always come up with something INNOVATIVE

Gallery - Showcasing our work

The entire series of  Comparison Photos and Videos of our clients speaks for itself about the SATISFIED CLIENTELE we have at Kyra Clinic.

Client Speaks

FUE Hair Transplant
Abhijit Lahiri
I came to Kyra Clinic from Mumbai for my Hair transplant. I heard about Dr. Vikas Gawri from my friends who has already got treatment done from him. My Hair Transplant was done in 6 hours, there was no pain, doctor & his team kept on talking with me, I was listening to music & I went back to my hotel in the evening. After two days, the head wash was done at the clinic.
Now I am very happy to see my new look & to receive the compliments from people around me.
Thanks to Dr. Vikas Gawri for changing my life.
5 stars
FUE Hair Transplant
Mushtaq Khan
I salute to Dr. Vikas Gawri. He is the master in his field. He made my experience of hair transplant very comfortable and fruitful.

He is one of the best Hair Transplant Surgeon of India.
5 stars
FUE Hair Transplant
Mr. Mohan
Mr. Mohan M-46 3500 Follicles | Banglore
I lost majority of my hair at young age. I often used to lack confidence as the bald scalp made me look older than my actual age. I wanted to seek a solution to the problem. One day when I was browsing through the options of hair transplant available in Punjab, I came across Kyra Clinic. I navigated their website for more information. I called up the clinic to set up an appointment. Dr. Vikas Gawri outlined the procedure to me in a simple manner and gave me an estimate for the number of the follicles required.
The procedure was nearly pain-free and was done in one go. The clinic is equipped with all the modern facilities and complies with high standard of hygiene. I recommend Dr. Vikas Gawri for anyone looking for an effective hair transplant procedure.
5 stars
FUE Hair Transplant
Mr. Raufalda
Mr. Raufalda M-47 6500 Follicles | Canada
I am 47 year old male from Canada. I never thought about Hair Transplant procedure in Canada due to high cost involved. I came to know about Kyra Clinic from my friends in Canada who had successfull hair transplant from Dr. Gawri.
I was sure that Kyra Clinic is the best choice for me in India. This clinic offers best standards and excellent hygiene to comply for international patients and I am happy with my hair growth.
Well done, Team Kyra
5 stars
FUE Hair Transplant
Mr. Davinder
Mr. Davinder M-39 5070 Follicles | Ludhiana
There are only a few clinics in Northern India that offer a combination of quality with reasonable pricing. Kyra Clinic is one of those clinics. I got facial implants from the hands of Dr. Gawri last year and this year I have chosen to undergo hair transplantation.
I am happy with my experience before, during, and after the Hair Transplant.
5 stars


State of art infrastructure
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