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Leading methods available to treat hair loss permanently

Do you suffer from excessive hair loss?! Then, Kyra is the right place to recover from this problem.

We, at Kyra, specialize in hair transplant in Chandigarh. All our efforts are dedicated to helping patients get back the original confidence and happiness with a fuller hair look. No need to waste your money on unreliable products. Our treatments take care of the root cause of your problem, which diminishes baldness forever. We have an advanced clinic run by leading surgeons who are known for their successful history in hair transplants.

Our clinic has specialists, treating baldness with advanced graft transplants. A surgeon places one graft at a time with only 1 to 2 hairs. This makes every graft well-placed and close to each other. This is the way we ensure high volume and density of hair after the treatment. You get a perfect hairline designed to look natural.

A team of surgeons you can trust

Dr. Vikas Gawri is the head of Kyra Hair Transplant Clinic. Qualified as a plastic and hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Vikas has been leading every surgery to a successful outcome since the inception of Kyra.
The team of hair transplant surgeons also includes Dr. Shareen. Plus, we have a highly valued team member, Dr. Rajni who is our skin expert.

With a knowledgeable team, Kyra delivers the most reliable results to any seeker of hair transplant. Our team of surgeons has successfully treated more than 4000 patients over the years, which includes various celebrities from Bollywood.

Highest quality of facilities and care

Kyra is renowned for the finest standards when it comes to facilities and care. We have designed our clinic with all the modern requirements in mind. From the latest equipment to a comfortable atmosphere, we impress in all departments.
To further enhance your convenience, we have a team of professionals to assist you at every stage of procedures. Our friendly and helpful staff is trained and works simply to make you comfortable at all times. This way, we offer our complete support during hair transplant in Chandigarh.

Making advanced hair transplant accessible to everyone

Our presence in Chandigarh allows everyone to receive the finest technology and treatment associated with hair transplants. Our prices are highly reasonable that makes us accessible by everyone looking for a hair transplant treatment.

It is our accessibility and cost-effectiveness why thousands of patients have admired our treatment. Our patients recommend our treatment for the most natural-looking appeal and comfortable experience. An expert in anesthesia ensures that you can take a nap, read or watch movies, while a surgeon places grafts.

At the end of a procedure, we offer personal consultation to inform you of all the necessary instructions. Our staff takes care of your needs to help you recover faster with the desired quality of transplant results.

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