The Day Of Hair Transplant


You have to reach our clinic at 9:30 AM on your schedule day of surgery. The address of Kyra Clinic can be easily found on google maps. You can call us at 0161-646042, the reception number of our clinic, for any assistance in the directions.

You should have your breakfast at your home/hotel.

You will be greeted by our staff/counsellor. You are asked to read and sign a consent form. The pictures of your head will be taken from front and sides.

Dr. Gawri will meet you personally in his chamber for designing your hairline and to explain you the final details of hair transplant specially in your case. He might see your old pictures to suggest the hair line design best suited in your case. He is known for his artistic mind and skillful hands for designing a natural looking hair line. You are given time to ask any queries from Dr. Vikas Gawri.

One of our trained assistant will trim your hair to level 1 in the whole head. You will be given pre-medication in the form of tablets or sometimes IV injections. If you have a grey hair, we have to color or dye them.

You will be given a well decorated room with a rest area washroom, wifi facility and a locker to keep your valuable belonging. Your accompanying person (usually one) can stay in this room.

You have to pay your due amount at the reception before going to the hair transplant theatre.

You will be offered a refreshment and will be taken to the state-of-art operation theatre.

In the OT: You will be given mild IV sedation. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Includes 3 Steps:

1). Slitting

2). Harvesting/Extraction of the micro grafts from the doner site(back, side, BREARD-shadow area - on the neck), chest etc

3). Implantation of grafts - (It is usually done after lunch)

The hair transplant is a long procedure with meticulous work. It usually takes 4-8 hours in a day. You can take breaks in between for refreshment.

Lunch will be served at 2:30 in the clinic. We offer you a collection of music to be enjoyed by you. In the evening at the completion of the procedure you are given the prescription of the medicines (for 5 days) and written instructions to be followed in next week after hair transplant. We will take the pictures after the procedures.

The details of the instructions are given our post op instruction page on our website.

You can call us in office hours (10 AM to 6 PM) at the contact number.


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