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1). Our cut out rate is less than 5%.

It means that while harvesting grafts from donor site there is no / minimal wastage.

For example:

if we are make 100 punches at the donor site at back of your scalp, we will get 95 healthy grafts / follicles.

In other less qualified centers, you may get only 70-80 healthy follicles out of hundred punches.

So there can be wastage of your precious permanent donor grafts up to 20-30 %.

Ultimately you end up paying more in such centers, considering wastage of your precious and limited donor site.


2). We are trained to use 0.7 mm- 0.8mm punches, which are smallest in the world. 

It gives you a minimal/smallest scar at the donor site, which heals in just in 5-7 days.


3) Donor areas are the back and sides of your head.

If density at the donor area is less, we can harvest grafts from your beard also. 

We routinely take grafts from beard (from under the chin or neck area --- called as Shadow area).

You can shave your beard normally after 5 - 7 days only.


Dr. Vikas Gawri is also certified and trained to do

Body Hair Transplant from Chest, Abdomen, Pubic area etc.


4) Many clinics in India, with less qualified doctors, are doing hair transplant but it is not mandatory they will able to give results.

At Kyra clinic, our Chief Consultant Dr. Vikas Gawri is nationally and inter- nationally trained in FUE Hair Transplant. 

All the procedures are done by Dr. Vikas Gawri or under his supervision.


5). We are following the technique of Dense Packing at the front.

It means grafts are implanted very close to each other giving you natural density and result.

It is done under magnification and using micro instruments.


6). At Kyra clinic, we take less than three hours to implant the freshly harvested grafts.

The time the grafts are outside the skin is important.

The grafts / follicles are kept cold and in special holding solutions.

7). Some doctors are claiming to do Hair Transplant even if they are NOT SURGEONS.

This can explain the poor and unacceptable results that are seen today. 

The most specialized medical degree to do a Hair Transplant in India and abroad is the degree of M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery).

Dr. Vikas Gawri is a certified plastic surgeon.

8). We have 15+ years of combined experience.

We have performed close to 3000+ successful Hair Restoration sessions using FUE technique.

9). Lastly, hair transplant is teamwork. Even the best of surgeons are only as good as their team.

In our experience, we cannot imagine any other form of aesthetic surgery, wherein the outcomes are so dependent on the skills and personality of technicians also.

At Kyra Clinic, we have well-trained and stable / same Hair Transplant team, for last 10 years.


10). We do lot of PRP Treatment along with FUE hair Transplant.

       Our doctor recommends it. We have US-FDA approved GLOFINN centrifuge machine for preparing high quality PRP.

The procedure is done in 1-2 days with latest third generation FUE method.

There are no stitches, minimal pain/scar. 

You will be awake listening to music, watching TV or sleeping. 


After 2 days, we will do your head wash. Medication is given for 5 days. 

All our clients come just for 3-4 days, and travel back comfortably


We will be glad to talk to you.


We assure you best hospitality and best results.


-We offer to provide you with absolute transparency at all levels of the procedure. All the grafts are given by counting.

- Dr. Vikas Gawri has extensive experience in hair transplant procedures with more than 3,000 successful FUE hair transplant sessions. Dr. Gawri is International Board Certified and has high degree of proficiency in hair transplant procedures. All the procedures are done by him or under his supervision.

- Dr. Vikas Gawri is also certified and trained to do Body Hair Transplant from beard, chest, abdomen, pubic area etc.

- Our technique of 'Dense Packing' is targeted to yield best results for you.

- We have a well trained, proficient, and experienced staff.

- We have a list of satisfied customers from all across the globe.

- We are committed to provide our clients with a friendly, warm, and satisfied experience.

Hair Transplant Cost

When you are on the look to discover the cost of hair transplant procedure, it is best to decide on the hair transplant center which gives consistent results. You can send us your pictures through email or whatsapp and get an sincere advice and immediate quote.

Years Of Experience In The Field

Dr. Vikas Gawri at Kyra Clinic is board certified Plastic and Hair Transplant surgeon with special national and international trainings in field of FUE hair Transplant. He is amongst the first few board certified doctors who started using FUE technique in North India. We have accomplished 3000+ FUE Hair transplant session and have extensive experience of more than 15 years.


Our qualified doctors extract more than 800-1000 grafts per hour; which is one of the maximum in the world. You can take advantage of our Mega Sessions which can provide you with 4000 grafts in one day.

Extraction Of Grafts Follicular transaction rate (FTR) makes follicular unit extraction (FUE) technically hard with the higher frequency of cutting of hair roots while extracting grafts. It can cause permanent loss of hair. The generally established FTR is around 20-30% at various transplant centers. This refers to the fact that nearly 400 to 600 grafts get wasted with every 2000 grafts transplant. However, our proficient doctors have achieved an FTR below 5%, which makes Kyra Clinic- the best in India. So, you actually spend 20%-25% less and you also save your precious hair.

Counting of Grafts

At Kyra clinic, we value the satisfaction of our clients. We give grafts by counting to ensure transparency of the procedure to them. This is in contrast to many other transplant centers, where patient lose nearly 25-30% money just because of the uncounted grafts given for transplant.

Hair Follicle Vs. Graft

There are several hair transplant surgeons who charge the cost of hair transplantation on the basis of per hair. Here at Kyra Clinic, we value our customers and help them seek ways for best value for money. This is the reason why we charge on the basis of each hair follicular unit, FU. (One follicular unit consists of one to four hair. So, on an average two hair per follicle).

Kyra Advantage

By the combination of extraction from scalp and body in one session, we give you up to 5000-6000 grafts. Therefore, we help to cover the large areas in just one session spread over two consecutive days.

Body Hair Transplant Donor areas are the back and sides of your head. If density at the donor area is less, we can harvest grafts from your beard also. We routinely take grafts from beard (only from under the chin and neck areas --- called as Shadow area).

There will be no scars, as we are using 0.7 mm punch (smallest in world ) to extract grafts -- there is no pain , no bleeding and no scar. You can shave your beard normally after 5-7 days only.

Dr. Vikas Gawri is also certified and trained to do Body Hair Transplant from chest, abdomen, pubic area etc.

Stable Team

Our strength lies in our team. Unlike other hair transplant centers with on call staff, our stable team acts as our backbone. Our permanent team comprises of more than 10 members who work persistently before, during, and after the surgery to ensure excellent results.


Mega Sessions

We value your precious time. Our mega sessions enable a patient to get up to 3500 grafts in a single day with FUE hair transplant technique.

Dense Packing

We hold an extensive experience and innovative approach to hair transplantation. To provide you with a natural look, we help you get the density of hair up to 45-50 grafts per sq. cm.

Reconstruction of Hairline As a hair transplant patient, you will get ample time to discuss the hairline with the doctor to ensure natural look. Dr. Vikas Gawri’s aesthetic approach to the procedure is aimed to provide you with best natural results.

Minimum Time Out Of Body

The grafts that we extract from the body are placed quickly, within 2-3 hours. This ensures good results by maintaining optimum quality.

Unique Holding Solutions

We have special solutions to preserve the grafts to increase the survival rate.

Painless Local Anesthesia

For the hair transplant procedure, we make use of very thin needles to make sure that we make the procedure virtually pain-free for you.


State of art infrastructure
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