Pre-op Instructions


Hair Transplant is a surgical method of hair restoration or hair redistribution.

FACILITY: The Operation theatre should b equipped with facilities for monitoring and handling emergencies. It is preferable but not mandatory to have a standby anaesthetist. Pre-Operative counselling & Informed consent: The consent form should list the details of the procedure and the possible complications. It should be signed by the patient. Patient should be provided adequate opportunities to seek information and to clear all his queries about the hair transplant surgery. Patient should understand that proper hair growth should be expected at or after about 9 months after the procedure

METHOD: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the gold standard and widely used method of hair transplantation. It involves micro grafts which includes 1 to 4 hair harvested under loop magnification.

PATIENT SELECTION: The best candidates are with evident bald area, good doner site, good general heath and with reasonable expectation Caution is experised in very young patients whose alopecia is still evolving, patients with Norwood grade VI or VII with huge bald areas and lesser donor area, patient with systemic health problem, patients with unrealistic expectations.

MEDICAL THERAPY: The process of hair loss is progressive and may affect the remaining hair, so the most patients will need adjuvant medical treatment to strengthen your existing hair.

MANPOWER: Hair transplant is always a team effort. Even a highly skilled surgeon who performs a large sessions need a well trained team of assistants and junior doctors.

ANAESTHESIA: 2% lignocaine with adrenaline is generally used for local anaesthesia. A Tumescent technique is used to expand the skin. A mind Intravenus I.V. is also used.


-Stop taking any vitamins or supplements one week before the HT

- Do not drink alcohol 48 hours before your surgery.

- Stop smoking a week before the surgery.

- Minoxidil application should be stopped 1 week before surgery.

- Any type of anti-depressants, anti-coagulants, or beta blockers need to be stopped. Intake of aspirin, herbal supplements, or anti-inflammatories should also be stopped a week prior to the procedure.

Not following the above instruction can lead to thin blood and increase the chances of bleeding during surgery

- You are requested to inform us about any regular medications you are taking. Please bring a list of medications or bring the actual medication to show to our staff on your appointment day.

- Do take your daily prescription of medication that is for blood pressure, thoirroid, diabetties etc. You can inform the doctor about these medications and it should be taken on the day of hair transplant procedure.

- Wear comfortable pants and a button down shirt on the day of surtgery. Do not waer a Tee-shirt as it will rub your newly implanted grafts when you pull it over your head after surgery.

- Shampoo your hair on the morning of surgery. Do not use any hair products like oil, jel, hair spray on the morning of the surgery.

- Do not drink caffeine as it can work against helping u relax during surgery.

- Patient should have substantial breakfast at home/hotel before coming to the clinic.

- Mild sedation is given during surgery and it is important that you do not drive afterwards. You should have an accompanying person to take your home in the evening.

- We have a wide variety of music you may choose on the day of your procedure.

Travel Plans: If you are from out of town male sure that you have your stay arrangements or hotel reservation. It is better to arrive a day before, relax and have a good sleep. Your travel desk will be happy to help you with your hotel booking and pIck-up facility from the airport.

NOTE: During surgery you are given a sedative medication with causes drowsiness. As a result it is unsafe for you to drive after surgery. Please make arrangements for someone to drive you home in the evening, even if you live a short distance from our clinic. A cab/taxi with a driver can be arranged on your request from clinic's travel desk.

Blood Investigation: The blood investigations are included in your package. It is done on day of your schedule surgery and we get the report in 30 minutes. But in some particular cases we might request you to get the blood investigations done at your end and send us the report.

1) CBC (Complete Blood Counts)

2) BT, CT or PTI/INR

3) Viral Markers - Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV testing.

4) Special investigation may be requested depending upon patient to patient.

Deposit & Payment Policy: We require an deposit in advance to hold a date of your choice for your Hair Transplant with us. This deposit will be credited against your final payment to be done at our clinic on the day of your procedure. GST tax of 18% is applicable on Hair Transplant Surgery.

We accept debit/credit cards payment, cash (Any Currency) and online transfers. Until your advance deposit is received the date you have chosen is still considered open and may be given to other patient. The advance deposit is non-refundable unless we are notified atleast 1 week before the surgery.

The payment is due, in full on the day of surgery.

NOTE: If you plan to pay us with a debit card, contact your bank in advance to increase your daily spending/withdraw limit.


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