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Kyra Technique – Using Dense Packing Technique for Natural Appeal

At Kyra Clinic, we apply our “dense packing” technique in transplanting hair grafts. This technique is suitable for every patient, including the ones who have a nominal loss of hair. Dense packing is our density thickening technique to add more grafts for a rich and natural appeal.

Most men with healthy and strong hair tend to have between 70 and 100 grafts of hair in every square centimetre area. Or, you can say that a healthy scalp contains around 150-240 hairs in every square centimetre area.

At our clinic, you receive a personalized expert consultation, during which, an instrument known as Densitometer is used to measure the density of your hair.

The concluded results tell the level of hair loss. Then, our experts can diligently transplant about 40-50 hair grafts in every square centimetre area, which means about 100-120 hairs in the same area.

Hair density-defining factors in a patient

The density of hair in a patient’s scalp depends on these factors:

  • Hair colour
  • Hair shaft diameter
  • Hairstyle
  • Skin colour
  • Curls

Kyra Clinic has been consistent in delivering impressive results with the help of a top-notch dense packing technique.

High density in hairline creation

For a more natural and aesthetic look, our surgeons give additional density to the hair transplanted in the hairline section of a patient’s head. Proper coverage is provided to acquire a good front-section appeal. This becomes possible by using more roots of hair than what other institutes recommend.

This technique saves from a low-quality feel in the front head section and grafted hairline looks completely natural.

Using micro instruments to achieve dense results

Dense packing is possible only with the help of micro-instruments used with magnification. Our clinic has the smallest possible instruments for this procedure. Our experienced surgeon uses these instruments to create a ‘lateral slit’, originated from Canada. This ‘lateral slit’ approach has won an award during the Annual Hair Transplant Conference conducted in Vancouver.

The instruments used at Kyra Clinic contain blades of size 0.70 mm with flexible angle and length options. That way, our surgeons can change the angle and length of instruments, depending on every patient.

Harvesting and implantation process

We freshly harvest grafts from the selected donor site. The harvesting technique excellence ensures minimal wastage of grafts. Within 3 hours of harvesting, our surgeon implants them to the receiver site of a patient’s scalp.

Post hair transplant consultation

Hair transplant doesn’t present any permanent complications, which makes it extremely safe. However, a patient might experience temporary complications or side effects, which is why we offer our post- transplant consultation, care, and medicinal solutions. Our surgeon conducts a post-transplant assessment of a patient. Common temporary side effects include mild pain, swelling, itching, numbness, scalp pimples, and others. However, all these common symptoms are easily manageable with basic and certain medicines.

Come to the right clinic for your hair transplant!

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