PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)

What is PRP ?

Platelet Rich Plasma, popularly known as PRP is prepared from the blood of the patient with a predominantly high concentration of platelets in a limited volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma contains bioactive proteins and growth factors which work actively to modulate hair growth as well as hair activity.

In the course of PRP Treatment to improve the hair growth, it is either conducted by injecting it or applying it locally after a dermaroller.

How PRP is done / Procedure

- We will withdraw 8ml of your own blood under aseptic precautions from a vein at your elbow

- PRP is prepared in about 25 minutes in centrifuge equipment

- This PRP is rich in Platelets and growth factors

- Dr. Gawri will inject the PRP into your scalp with very fine needles. (there is minimal or no pain)

- You can go to work immediately as there is no downtime. PRP injection will take just 5 minutes.

- You can shampoo you head the next day

- There is no medicine given.

- There is no need to cut or trim your hair

Benefits of PRP

1. Proven results in different scientific studies all over the world.

2. Since it is autologous ( your own blood), this method eliminates the risk of transmissible infections and any allergic reaction

3. This is an office-based treatment.

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Expected Result

PRP is recommended in cases of Hair Thinning and Hair Fall to strengthen your existing hair and new growth of hair in cases of partial baldness.

Dr. Gawri advice's three sittings of PRP treatment at gap of 3-4 weeks between each sittings. Expected results is as follows

It stops hair fall

It increases the thickness of existing hair (Thin hair becomes Thick)

It also causes new growth of hair and increases the density

Advantages at Kyra Clinic :

We have Glofinn PRP machine, which is latest, best and US-FDA approved. Unlike other centers which have local equipment with low quality PRP prepared and hence less result.

Dr. Gawri is expert and experienced to conduct and teach this treatment.

Special Kits for preparing PRP (US-FDA approved)


State of art infrastructure
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