Cost of Hair Transplant


In United States, Cost of FUE hair transplant varies from $1 to $5 per graft.

Here at Kyra Clinic, we offer you with a combination of quality results and transparency at affordable price nearly 1/3 to 1/4 to western countries.

Indian Doctors are famous throughout world for their hardwork, dedication and professional skills.

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The trend of Hair Transplantation is gaining rapid popularity in India. Many clinics offer Hair Transplant in India and charge differently. However, the outcome of the procedure varies greatly from clinic to clinic. Many patients are lured by some clinics because of the marketing tactics.

It is imperative to invest some time in finding the right specialist doctor who has experience and results to show in Hair Transplant. At Kyra Clinic, we have worked diligently for years to maintain our current reputation in the field of Hair Restoration in India.

Many tourists from all over the globe visit India regularly for Cosmetic Treatments. The reason behind the increasing number of tourists visiting India for the cosmetic procedures is the reasonable price of services and highly skilled approach of the competent physicians. The low value of Indian Rupee in the global economy has prompted many foreign patients to choose India as their preferred choice for cosmetic procedures. The cost of hair transplant procedure is India is nearly 1/5th of the actual cost offered by any developed countries in the world.

At Kyra clinic we have a team of 3 doctors expert in treatment of hair thinning and in hair transplant. You can send us your pictures from front side and back through our email or by whatsapp.  Doctors will review your pictures carefully an advice what best can be done in your case.

You can email at [email protected]

You can call us or whatsapp at 80548 02500 (Dr Rajni), 81466 66880 (Dr shareen) 


- M.Ch. Plastic Surgery is the highest degree to do a hair transplant. You should be aware that a doctor doing your procedure is a plastic surgeon.

- The experience of the doctor is very important as it is a skilled procedure done under magnification using micro instruments.

- The transplanted hair are permanent and life long. Even if the initial cost is high, but considering the results are for many years to come, it will make you invest your money confidently.

- The results at Kyra Clinic are assured, unlike other clinics. We are getting consistently good results from the last 5 years.

- Dr Gawri is hightly skilled to give 'zigzag pattern' of new hair line reconstruction which appears natural. He also pioneered 'Dense Packing' technique to give highly densed results.

-Dr. Gawri is famous to give results in difficult Redo cases in which the donor site is limited. He is a teacher for Body hair transplant, harvesting grafts from beard, chest, pubic area etc.

- Lastly the money is not important for Dr. Gawri, it is his passion to give results and to enhance your personality.

To know how many grafts are required, please see the graft calculator (link here) at our website

Choose your type of baldness and click it.


To tell you how many grafts are required and the cost in your case,

 We would like to see the pictures of your head from front, back and sides.

Dr. Vikas Gawri will review your pictures and  recommend number of  grafts required in your particular case,

For cost packages , call us at 80548 02500 or 81466 66880 to get immediate quote and taxes.

There is no hidden cost .

You might get a price quote for more or less, but in one sentence we will summaries.... it will be the best value for the money you will spend as we are 100% committed to quality and transparency at all levels. 


We will do our best in one operation, which lasts about 7 hours per day , for 1-2 days, with breaks in-between. 


About 3500 grafts/follicles will be transplanted in one day, which give you about 7000 hair, of course by Micro FUE technique, using micro surgical instruments and under magnification.

Included in the price:

-- The Hair Transplant  at Kyra Aesthetic Clinic.

-- PRP treatment (treatment by Plasma), we will take small amount from your blood, then we will isolate only the plasma rich in platelets, after that we inject it in the skin of your head. This treatment effectively increases the circulation of blood in your head, so more oxygen & nourishment arrive to your hair.

- The blood tests required.

-- Refreshment and lunch on the day of your procedure.

-- Necessary medicines (antibiotics & analgesics) for one week.

-- Washing your head, and teaching you how to take care of your hair two days after Hair Transplant.


GST tax as applicable, extra.


Feel free to ask further queries or assistance from our side. All the best.


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